Moody’s raises Peru’s debt quality above Investment Grade

If a few days ago we collected and compared data on the levels of indebtedness and solvency between the “developed” and “emerging” countries (I have never liked these two words much), last week Moody’s raised Peru’s debt rating by foreign currency at Baa3 rating.

The first level within the investment grade scale

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Due to the greater capacity of the Peruvian economy compared to other economies of equal or greater credit rating to deal with external shocks, such as the international financial crisis.

Already in 2008, Standard and Poor´s and Fitch Ratings granted the respective degree of investment to Peru, which seems to confirm a certain global trend. Negative outlook for the debt of the “developed” countries and in contrast positive outlook for the debt of some “emerging” countries. Goldman Sachs also projects that Peru’s growth
It will accelerate in the following quarters to close 2010 with a growth of 5.5% of GDP.

That said and given the news

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What has also pleasantly surprised us, is that it has been the Embassy of Peru, which has sent us the press release on the qualification improvement granted by Moody’s directly to our mail. We do not usually pay much attention to the press releases sent by the agencies, but in this case, it is sent directly to us by an embassy. I think it deserves recognition.

That an embassy, ​​a traditionally rigid and formal entity where there is one, sends a news item to a blog, seems like an initiative to applaud. Gradually the world is changing, and it seems that there are people who recognize and adapt and overcome certain “rigidities” gaining a communication that is closer.


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