Washing machine loan. Washer or washer dryer – what should you choose?

Everyday duties can be tedious and take a lot of time. No wonder so many people try to improve them. Modern household appliances, for example, a washing machine or a washer dryer can help.

The question remains – whether to choose a washing machine that will only wash clothes, or maybe choose a washer-dryer that also automatically dries washed clothes? How much do such devices cost? Is a washing machine loan a good way to finance a purchase?

Washing machine – what to look for when buying a device?

Washing machine - what to look for when buying a device?


The search for the perfect model of the washing machine should start by measuring the place that we can allocate for this device. The basic parameters of the equipment are usually available on the energy label in the form of a sticker placed on each model.

When buying a washing machine, pay attention primarily to:

  • loading method
  • washing machine capacity
  • energy class and energy consumption
  • water consumption
  • spin speed
  • noise level
  • the number and types of programs available
  • security applied
  • manner of service
  • additional functions

How to get financing, what to look for when choosing a fridge?

How to get financing, what to look for when choosing a fridge?


Everyone who has their own apartment knows that they will not avoid certain expenses. We are talking here about the purchase of furniture and household appliances.

The need to purchase new household appliances is most often caused by their failure or simply wear. Where to get money to buy a fridge? Is a loan for a fridge a good option? What to look for when choosing a fridge?

Washing machine – loading method

Washing machine - loading method


The basic issue to consider when choosing a washing machine is how to load it. It should be adapted to both the available space and individual preferences of use. For small bathrooms, models that can be loaded from above are recommended. They are usually narrower, but longer than front-loading washing machines.

Among the smaller devices, 60 cm x 40 cm are popular. When choosing equipment, whether it is loaded from above or from below, make sure that the door opens comfortably. Top loading washing machines are usually bought by older people or those with back problems. They limit the need to bend down when removing laundry from the drum.

Traditional front-loading washing machines are wider but shallower than models with top loading. Therefore, they require a little more space. This type of device is most often chosen by people who decide on a built-in model or placing washing equipment in the kitchen.

The advantage of front-loading models is the ability to control the washing – washing machines are equipped with a transparent door. It is worth choosing a model with a wider opening, which can easily fit larger pieces of clothing or bed linen.

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