Florida Roads

Driving in Florida is an experience like no other.  Unless you live in one of the major cities (think Miami or Tampa), traffic jams tend to be more of a slight nuisance than major inconvenience.  You can find yourself stuck on a beach road, waiting for the bridge to finally go down after letting the sail boats through, or wondering if everyone has forgotten how to drive on a rainy afternoon.  As you travel through the central part of the state, you may find yourself surrounded by dairy cows and citrus groves – and stuck behind a truck filled to capacity with oranges or grapefruit.  With such a diverse driving landscape, the hazards to drivers (and their cars) are numerous.  It is important to have a current Florida auto insurance policy to protect you, your car, and others who may be riding with you.

Finding a Florida auto insurance policy can be as easy as logging onto the internet.  A simple search will provide you with dozens of options for insurance policies like this. It will just take a bit of research and time to find the perfect plan for you.  A good way to start is to simply ask your friends and family about their auto insurance company.  Find out what company they use, and how happy they are with their insurance experience.  Do a search for the top companies and request a rate quote online.  Select the top half dozen companies, and follow up with phone calls to the agent to narrow down your choices.

Questions to Ask Agents

Types of Plans

Often, insurance companies will offer discounts for plans that are bundled – inquire about discounts for purchasing your auto insurance along with homeowners, RV insurance or life insurance plans.  By using one company for all your insurance needs, you can not only save money, but it lets you establish a relationship between yourself and the agent.

Claim Process

Ask the agent about the process for filing an automobile insurance claim.  Do you upload pictures of damage to a website? Does an agent need to personally see the car for an estimation of damage? Can you use any repair shop you choose or must you use a shop that they designate? Finding out the process for claims may be the deciding factor in selecting a Florida auto insurance policy.


Discuss with potential agents the possibility of discounts.  Do they discount policies for plans that are paid in full? Are there rewards for being a safe driver and for being accident free? If you maintain your policy with them for several years, are you given a discount?

Plan Benefits

An agent will be able to give you specific information about what the benefits of each plan are.  You can make choices about having a lower deductible, adding car rental insurance or other options that will change the overall price of the plan, but can be customized to meet your specific needs.  If your car is financed through a bank, you will need to check with the bank to find out the specific coverage limits that they require making sure that you carry an adequate amount of coverage.

It is important to stay safe while driving on the roads of Florida.  Protect yourself and those around you by making sure you have a Florida auto insurance policy.