Portable Light Towers for Hire

Portable Light Towers for Hire

The best wireless lighting choice for hire is the ECO 360° LED mobile lighting tower. With a powerful 2-cylinder diesel engine and an automatic mast operating system, it boasts cutting-edge technology. To increase safety, the portable lighting tower evenly distributes light 360 ° around the tower. Bright, non-glare light is offered for up to 200 hours by the trailer-mounted light tower.

Below are some of the features of the portable light tower for hire:

Compact design.

When the portable light tower for hire is not fully assembled, it has the same height as a standard desk and only a little wider. It can easily be transported when disassembled.

Gas-powered generator

To supply supplementary lighting and electricity, A full tank of fuel will last up to 12 hours under normal load conditions and can produce more than 40,000 lumens. The generator is reliable and quiet enough to do business presentations at night without disturbing clients or colleagues in nearby offices. It also reduces greenhouse emissions by over 90% compared to traditional generators for the same power output.

Aluminium frame.

Aluminium is a lightweight but strong material, and with careful use, the frame can last up to five years. The towers are fully assembled in Australia using local labour to ensure they meet local standards and regulations.

Low emissions.

The portable generators and the lamps used are very environmentally friendly, reducing greenhouse emissions by over 90% compared to traditional generators for the same amount of power output.


At concerts and other events

Where the individual wants to avoid light pollution from street lamps or the moon but doesn’t want or need spotlights or floodlights because the event has little outdoor spaces and requires spotlights for stage performances.

portable light tower for hire

To light up a sporting event

To light up events that goes so late into the night that natural light has run out, but there is still plenty of game left to play, like on an island off the coast of Canada and Alaska where the sun never comes up between May and August.

On construction sites

where complete darkness is constant, no windows or doors are open. For safety purposes, if you are working outside at night and need to see what you are doing better using a headlamp or torch from inside the portable light tower itself

In a backyard, camping ground,

You can use it for an outdoor gathering .in addition, you can use portable light tower for hire behind your car to illuminate the parking lot at night when you’re leaving your car parked overnight and need to locate it in the dark until it’s closer to sunrise and safer for you to go outside again.