The best guns to use in playing Counter-strike

Since the first-ever game that was released in 2000. The game counter strike has thousands of fans. It has the latest replay Counter-strike: Global Offensive getting the new era for the game.

The cs 1.6 full oyna game is still popular because the game has stayed a fair game through the years. It is right because the game has been the largest esports title around the world. And also the game Dota 2 and League of Legends. When you observed after seeing a few professional CS: GO games. The pro players are making things that you and other players don’t have.

For this instance, they are not using all the 34 weapons that are available in the game. And for some reason, not all guns in CS: GO are built the same. You can have these best guns that you can have in CS: GO and it is explained why it is the best to use.

Sniper rifles

It is the comprehensive weapons that are available. It has non-automatic or semi-automatic. This is perfect for aiming for long distances. It boasts telescopic sights and some are banned because it has great firepower. Before you can use the sniper rifle it is said to practice it carefully with bots. It is because it needs to be skilled when using it. When you are planning to buy a sniper it needs to have a good pistol. Considering that snipers are not good in close-range war.


It is the lowest sniper rifle but it has the smallest damage. It takes a two-body shot or you can have a one-shot at the head to kill your opponent. In a bolt action that means the gun needs to be cocked on every shot. It is the close sniper rifle and it is light to carry that makes for a rapid running speed. The precision of the scout is still close while strafing.

When you are feeling unreliable don’t play using it. Because once you cannot hit your opponents in the head it will be useless with the scout. You can also use automatic sniper rifles. It will give you the chance to redo the shots. This gun is used to be a pro-gun. And when you are good at it that is great but you need to be aware that it is named as a pro weapon because it is hard to use it.


It is the biggest and strong sniper rifle. It kills in one shot in most cases. This gun is banned in most of the servers but when you have the chance to use it you can use its scope. Its scope is thorough and an expert sniper that can jump from behind the cover, zoom in and kill someone. Then hid a couple of times. You can practice it offline for hours using a bot. Or through an online deathmatch that is the best to learn about anything.


It is an auto sniper and mostly it is banned in the servers. When you are using this you need to remember not to be affected that this gun is an auto sniper. It is a continuous automatic shot that is less exact than the other guns. And using it quickly can empty its twenty-round magazine.