Is video conferencing equivalent to person based conference

Is video conferencing equivalent to person based conference

If we are to go with the literal experience, then no they both are not equivalent. Infact the ratio of them being similar wouldn’t even be a 50-50, I think it would be a 40-60. 40% would be the ratio of people who actually do connect through various web video conferencing services and 60% would be the rest of the population who still prefer meeting over all the newest technological advancements. In earlier times, it wasn’t in demand much as people were still trying to adapt to the changes that technology has brought to our society as a whole. Even now many people still find it difficult to operate and use these new features like audio or video conferencing.

What is video conferencing and how it helps?

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Video conferencing is also known as room conferencing, as many people feel as though they are in the same room with the person they are conversing with. Business men use video or audio conferencing today as a means to conduct online interviews in order to provide jobs for people who want to work but cannot travel for some reason, it also plays an important role in the hiring process of work from home jobs. Emails and telecommunications are also a good pathway for communication, but it lacks the charms that video conferencing has.

In Singapore, video and web conferencing are turning out to be an important tool in taking their business on a global level. This isn’t just the case in Singapore, but also in many other countries. Today various businessmen have started supporting this means of communication, as they have experienced how adapting to the digital world can work for their betterment. With video conferencing, even if you are far away from your team members it does not hinder the process of your assigned work. Infact it helps you in developing better connections with your fellow teammates and work in harmony. The benefits of video conferencing is that you don’t even have to move an inch in order to work and you can do it within the confines and comfort of your home. In web conferencing, the candidates can share, view presentations, they can connect with one another, and carry on with various tasks without your location being a problem to anyone. Lastly, I would like to end this by saying a very obvious but nonetheless important thing, video and web conferencing provide a better way to carry on communication than audio conferencing.