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Professional Lawyers to Aid You in Your Divorce Battles

Going through a serious marital problem can be devastating. In times like these, counseling can help you and your partner understand each other more. But there are also times when even counseling can’t help your marriage any longer and separation is much better for you and your mental health, especially for your peace of mind. It can lead to divorce, which is better for both parties involved to finally resolve the issue. But the problem with divorce is it never gets easy. The process is heartbreaking and stressful, challenging is an understatement. Only a good divorce lawyer singapore can help you.

Tembusu Law is a popular law firm in Singapore that specializes in different areas of law. One of these is Family law, upon which divorce belongs to. If you want full guidance and support from professionals that know how to handle cases like these, then you will need help from the lawyers at Tembusu Law. They have the skills to guide you every step of the way.

How the Divorce Process Works

Getting to know the process can help you understand how everything will go. First, the plaintiff will file for divorce, then the defendant will have to contest if he/she doesn’t agree with the proceedings or not. If the defendant contests, the issue must be narrowed to know what common areas both parties can agree with. If it’s uncontested, then both are in agreement on divorce and the ancillary issues.

Lawyers in singapore

The next part is where the court will have to deal with the ancillary issues, which include custody of the children, division of matrimonial assets, and spousal maintenance. Both parties will have to file their affidavit of assets disclosing their assets/liabilities, income, and expenditure. It usually takes three months from the date of making Interim Judgement. If the ancillary matters have been heard and the orders made, the court can proceed to file the papers needed to extract the Final Judgement Order. Once done, the divorce is already granted by the court.

The Areas of Divorce that Tembusu Law are Skilled With

The lawyer singapore over at Tembusu Law have the skills and expertise to handle divorce and all areas of it. We know how confusing it is for both parties, so making sure that everything is taken care of can ease your mind. These excellent lawyers will handle everything including processing the divorce cases, whether it’s contested or uncontested, the deed of separation, prenuptial and postnuptial separations, child custody and guardianship, spousal maintenance, personal protection order, matrimonial assets, asset protection & family finance, and judicial separation.

Whether you need help and guidance in all of the ones mentioned above or not, Tembusu Law will be there to take care of all the legalities that are involved in your divorce case. Whatever range of settlement cases you are facing, these lawyers will serve all of your needs in court. A divorce can be challenging and emotionally draining for both parties, and easing the divorce proceedings can greatly help in protecting both your peace and mental health.