Tips For Buying Highly Rated Rum

Rum is a popular beverage, both at home and when travelling. As you can imagine, the variety of rum available on the market is vast. Of course, not all rum is created equal; some are better than others. When you’re out with friends or at a party and want to make sure you have an excellent drink that everyone will enjoy, it can be difficult to pick which one will be best. Here are tips that can help you find a Highly rated rum.

Consider the Location

If you want to drink rum that is of higher quality, it should be imported into the country. The closer a rum distillery is to where it’s going to be sold, the better. This means you should look for a distillery in the Caribbean or Central America, rather than one on European soil.

Read Reviews Online

Although it’s important to keep your eyes open for information about rum and its distillers, you might be a little too busy for that. In that case, you should look for reviews online. These sites are staffed with rum connoisseurs who have tried different rums and can tell you how they compare to each other. They also have some information on producers.

The Producer

Some brands specialize in aged rums, while others specialize in spiced rums. If you like aged rum, you should look for a producer who specializes in that type of rum. By doing so, you’ll have a better chance of picking out a high quality brand.

It’s also worth finding out if the producer distills their rum from sugar cane or from molasses. While the former can be quite expensive to produce, the flavor often comes out better and it ends up being more versatile.