It is a right!

          All people in the world have the right to learn and become better humans and care for the society. The need for education cannot be stressed enough as it makes people to live a decent and meaningful life. Many people are very good at learning new things and many are not so smart. There is a different strategy that is seen in different countries when it comes to the education for all concepts.

Many countries have made primary education free for all its citizens and in many countries there are still uneducated people who are suffering from the lack o education as they cannot design their lives properly according to the needs of the times. More than ever the need for education is felt at the moment and this opens up so many opportunities for their personal development as well as for the family. Education is taking a new trend these days due to the current situation as the children have to learn on the internet based medium and they have study which looks like a distance education and the things are not very good as far as this set ups are concerned.

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Various methods:

  • There are several methods of learning and there are many media of learning that are followed throughout the world. Those who have the opportunity to learn have to good future and those who do not have the opportunity are suffering from a bad and aimless future. But it should be equal for all as per many social scientists and big minds in the world.
  • Education gives the person empowerment to fight for his or her rights and hence have a better life. An educated mind is always better than an uneducated mind.
  • It enables a person to distinguish between the good and evil and also what is good and what is bad for the self and for the others.
  • Many universities and other institution are getting developed and they are growing in number all over the world and many are getting a proper education and this will enable them to take up new jobs and set a career path and live a meaningful life.
  • Education helps the person to take informed decisions and come up well in life for the person and his family as well.